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Direct till point integration

Virtual products can be provided directly to till point through our REST  API service, eliminating the need for additional hardware in-store. Products are distributed & sold on a live basis, allowing for real-time,  high-speed transactions. This solution reduces the risk of fraud and theft due to stock being kept centrally and protected by sophisticated algorithms and access rules.

Other benefits include remote installation and support, consolidated cash ups and minimal maintenance. 

Stand-alone devices

Our stand-alone devices enable a complete kiosk solution for the entire virtual product range and offer the following features and benefits:

  •  We have two different devices to provide dependent on the store’s preferences and infrastructure:
  • Our ANDROID device offers retail stores the option for a compact, rechargeable and fully mobile device. It connects through an embedded SIM or Wi-fi.
  • Our TOUCHSCREENS devices operate on Windows operating systems and larger units that require a stable power source. This device works through 3G or ADSL and offers both online and offline functionality. The cash drawer is an optional extra. 

All our devices offer the following:

  • User friendly with easy touch navigation
  • Built in printer
  • Multi-user codes with configurable settings
  • Numerous reporting and reconciling functions
  • Single account benefit for all products
  • Single account option for multiple devices
  • Customizable Favourites menu

Direct rewards

Our Direct Rewards platform offers clients the ability to perform bulk airtime/data  recharges – up to 10 000 recharges at a time. This solution is beneficial for companies with limited development resources or capacity. It is an attractive solution for  companies that would like to run campaigns and promotions or have the ability to  top up large groups of individuals with airtime/data at once.

All that is required is a mobile number, network and recharge amount or data bundle. 

Rest API integration

This solution is attractive for B2B or B2C companies, including e-commerce companies,  financial institutions, mobile application companies and wholesales/aggregators of  virtual products that would like to provide virtual products through their own Software applications or technology platforms. The online stock methodology allows for  processes that support real-time updates, controlled backups and recovery. 

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